We have been working hard to make it even easier to order your memorial items online when coming into our office is impossible or impractical. We now have many online granite marker designs that can be ordered here online when they are to be installed within our two cemetery properties […]

Beautiful Porcelain Portraits Available Online

Looking forward to another new year is always exciting for New Park Cemetery, Inc. After having completed our two year grounds renovation project we now move into our newest projects for 2016. This year we will be focusing on our New Park Memorial Gardens location at 3900 Sewanee Rd for […]

Moving Forward Into 2016

Presenting our newly completed walk bridges!. We have just completed the total rebuild of our (3) walk bridges that allow easy access to our Martin Luther King Jr Div I and Martin Luther King Jr. Div. II sections within our cemetery. Additionally, part of this renovation was cleaning and straightening […]

New Walk Bridges Completed

With the recent completion of our latest garden section, “Garden Of Angels”,  at our South/East area of our cemetery. We are now in the process of installing a new 8ft high property fence to give a much needed finish look to that part of our property line. This fence ties […]

New Perimeter Fence Being Installed

We are happy to have been able to take advantage of the beautiful weather and moving quickly toward the completion of our newest section for infants. it is never easy to loose a loved one, and when that loved one is just a young child or infant it hurts so […]

Garden Of Angel’s On Schedule To Open Dec 2014

New Park Cemetery is in its final development stages of its newest garden at New Park Cemetery specifically for infants.  Our plans are to have this new garden open within the next 60 days, around Dec. 22, 2014.  This new garden will be named “GARDEN OF ANGELS” and will consist […]

New Infant Section To Be Opened

New Park Cemetery, Inc. in its ongoing improvement campaign has just completed its front office and mausoleum refresh with a beautiful new paint job! We continue to work at making the overall cemetery be , “The South’s Most Beautiful !” The completion of the painting of our office building entrance and […]

Improving For The Future!

New Park is happy to announce that we have started the process of replacing the complete front fence at New Park Cemetery with a beautiful new Ornamental Style Fence. This replaces the old outdated chain link fence that has been at the front for many years. With the installation of […]

Beautiful Iron Fence Installed

New Park Cemetery, Inc. has just updated its zero turn mower fleet to new Kubota Zero Turn Mowers. This is part of our ongoing grounds improvement care program. With the addition of these new mowers, we hope to continue to work at improving the overall grounds of both New Park […]

New Lawn Equipment Added To Fleet

New Park Cemetery, Inc. is pleased to announce our new development of a new section at our New Park Memorial Gardens cemetery located at 3900 Sewanee Rd. This new section will consist of two 1.5 Acre sections with approximately 3,000 new available grave sites. This is part of our ongoing […]

New Garden Development 2014

We wish to thank Stikmon Wood Werks from Hardy, Ar. for making our new signage for our garden gazebo’s. Each gazebo now has a beautiful sign that can easily be read from the road. This should assist families visiting gravesites of family members that are buried in these gardens. The […]

New Signage Added

  We are pleased that our completed timeline for the construction of our newest gazebo was finished right on schedule. This newest gazebo is 20ft x 20ft in size giving our families over 400 sq. feet of covered area for a garden side grave service. With never knowing what kind […]

Eteranal Life Gazebo Completed

    New Park Cemetery, Inc is proud to announce the construction of our newest Garden Gazebo in our new Eternal Life Garden at New Park Cemetery. It seems the weather delays were none stop over the last several months. However, with the recent break in temperature we finally were […]

Construction Begins On New Garden Gazebo

Apr. 11, 2012 New Park Cemetery, Inc. is happy to announce that our ongoing developement of our new burial sections is proceeding as planned. We have just finished a $35,000 paving project which is part of our growth plan for  two new sections which are scheduled to be opened by Aug. 2012. […]

New Roads For New Garden