Veterans Marker Information

In regards to families who wish to have a veteran marker installed in our cemetery, it is important to know that our cemetery has specific size restrictions for all adult grave sites in both New Park Cemetery and New Park  Memorial Gardens.

The Government has a standard application form VA FORM AUG 2009 40-1330 that you can view and print from  HERE .

In most cases the only design we will accept within our cemetery is the FLAT BRONZE Marker provided through the government.

However, please note that for the Flat Bronze, a granite base is required for all bronze markers installed within our cemeteries. We do as a courtesy offer for sale a granite base in a 28″ x 16″ x 4″ size for only $250.00 + tax which includes the mounting of the bronze as well as the cemetery  installation fee.

The application form MUST BE SIGNED BY AN OFFICIAL OF NEW PARK CEMETERY, INC. in order for us to accept delivery of the government markers prior to it being sent in to the government.

Please contact our office for more information.