Moving Forward Into 2016

New_Park_Memorial_Gardens_Memphis_TN_002Looking forward to another new year is always exciting for New Park Cemetery, Inc. After having completed our two year grounds renovation project we now move into our newest projects for 2016.

This year we will be focusing on our New Park Memorial Gardens location at 3900 Sewanee Rd for the early summer opening of a NEW SECTION within the cemetery. This garden is to be approximately 2 acres in size with over 2,000 new lots available. Additionally, we are excited to announce that this garden will be the very first one at this location to also get its own MEDITATION GAZEBO with walkways too!

We have been providing Gazebo Services for the last 15 years at our Main location and wanted to bring this unique burial service approach to this location as well. It provides a lovely and streamlined approach for the funeral procession to proceed in a more fluid and professional manner within the cemetery grounds as well as give better movement for all the vehicles within the procession.

Investing for the future and forever in our care!