NP-Metal Vase – Add On (select designs)



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(MUST BE PURCHASED AT SAME TIME OF A GRANITE HEADSTONE) You can now add a vase to many of our monument designs. The vase is 9 5/8″ x 3 7/8″ – the simplistic beauty and timeless design of the NP-Gem has made it a popular choice for years. Available in both our granite match and complementary finishes, the NP-Gem adds simple beauty and style to any memorial. And with our special finishing process, the NP-Gem will continue to shine for years to come. The NP-Gem vase is mounted to the top of the granite marker using a brass lug mount bolt which is drilled and epoxied into the granite. (NOTE: The design of the stone may need to be slightly altered so that the vase when mounted doesn’t cover up the inscription or design elements)