New Columbarium Option Now Available

New Park Cemetery, Inc. is excited to announce that we will be offering to our customers a new choice of burial. We will now have the option of a niche entombment for those that have opted to have your loved one cremated.

Cremated remains (“ashes”) are generally placed in an urn or some other type of container. Which would then be  entombed in the columbarium. Columbariums are structures containing many small compartments (“niches”) for enclosure of urns. Our columbarium is a outside style located next to our mausoleum.

Only one human cremated remains is allowed per single niche. Our projected total price for the singel niche including the opening and closing service as well as the engraving of the niche granite front and forever upkeep is only $875.00 total. View our new brochure at this link HERE.

This may be purchased on a pre-need plan or for at-need too. Payment in full is required before the use of the niche for a entombment. The container for cremated remains to be inurned shall be of material approved by our Corporation and shall be of a size suitable for the niche. (NO Cardboard Boxes) The Superintendent or his representative shall have full authority to refuse to accept for inurnment any receptacle deemed unsuitable. SIZE: SINGLE NICHE 11″ x 11″ x 11″ deep.

Also, remember prior to the final entombment you may wish to order a special cremation jewelry where you may place some of your loved one’s ashes in to have as your own personal keepsake. Please feel free to see these items at this link.