New Columbarium Garden Being Developed

We are on schedule for the completion of our newest columbarium niche garden by the end of Aug. 2017. This is an extension of our first Heaven’s Gate Columbarium and our new section will be called  “Heaven’s Gate Meditation Garden”. 

A columbarium is an above-ground building that houses cremated remains. A columbarium is composed of small wall spaces, called niches, that are about the size of an urn. Each niche holds a single urn, though it may be possible to purchase a group of niches together to house multiple urns. Once the urn containing the ashes has been interred in the columbarium, the granite front is then engraved with the individuals information identifying whose remains are interred inside. Prices for columbarium niches will vary depending on the level of the nche in the columbarium. 

Our projected prices will range from $900 – $995 including the opening and closing service, forever upkeep and the first time engraving of name and dates! A great and affordable value in the community!