New Park Cemetery
4536 Horn Lake Rd.
Effective Jan. 1, 2012
A) Material
1. Types of markers allowed in the cemetery for installation as a permanent marker must be made out of solid Granite or Marble.  If the marker is to be in bronze then the bronze must be mounted on a granite base with at least a two inch border.
2. No other types of Markers or Memorials will be allowed to be installed in New Park Cemetery.
B) Sizes & Requirements for Specific Gardens
1. All permanent upright markers installed in the cemetery in gardens that allow uprights must not exceed the total height of 4 feet including the base height, the length of 3 feet (width of grave) and the base width of 16 inches for any individual grave.
2. If the marker is a flat or flush style it can be no more than six inches thick but must be at least four inches thick. Beveled markers may be allowed in certain gardens as long as the thickest part does not exceed the maximum thickness of six inches [SUBJECT TO GARDEN SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS].
3. The minimum size of a  base for a upright for any single adult grave must be at least twenty-four inches by twelve inches and six inches thick.  The maximum size can not exceed thirty-six inches by sixteen inches and eight inches thick.
4. The minimum size of a marker or base for a side by side grave must be at least forty inches by twelve inches and at least four inches thick.  The maximum size cannot exceed seventy inches by sixteen inches and six inches thick.  However a base for an upright may be up to eight inches thick as long as the die is the same thickness.
5. No upright or slant memorials of any type are allowed to be installed in New Park Cemetery’s gardens that restrict any upright memorials.  Currently the listed gardens with this requirement are:
  Garden of Bethany  –   Garden of Hope  –  Garden of Prayer  – Garden of Serenity – Garden of Tranquility – Garden of Eternity – Garden Of Eternal Life – Garden of Angels
    a.) the above gardens  only allows flush set markers (no beveled)- single size minimum must be at least 28″ x 14″ x  4″ double size minimum must be at least  48″ x  14″ x 4″ [ maximum sizes for single cannot exceed 36“ x 16“ x 4“ and for a double marker 60“ x 16“ x 4“]
    b) All flat markers effective 6-1-02 for any garden in New Park Cemetery must meet the minimum size requirement set forth in section (5a).
C) Temporary Markers:
1. Temporary markers approved by the cemetery office may be set at the gravesite to temporarily mark the site of a  individual grave until a permanent marker is installed.  However these are only temporary and are not protected against damage or loss and the cemetery has the right to remove the marker at its discretion.
2. No temporary markers may be set with a foundation of any type.
D) Installation:
1. The installation of all commodities shall only be made by the staff of New Park Cemetery, Inc..  A marker or memorial is considered a commodity.
2. The installation fee for all markers and memorials to be installed in the cemetery is figured at a rate of  26 cents per square inch of the ground covered by the memorial or the base.  This fee must be paid prior to or at the time of delivery of the memorial or marker to the cemetery. (PLUS A $25 MEMORIAL CARE FEE)
3. When gravesites are laid out and opened in a West/East line the memorial or marker will be installed at the West end of the gravesite. When gravesites are laid out and opened in a North/South line the memorial or marker will be installed at the North end of the site.
4. Monument deliveries are only excepted Tues-Wed.-Thurs from 10:am until 3:pm.
5. The commodity will be installed within thirty days (weather permitting) after delivery to the cemetery, but not sooner than forty-five days after a burial to insure settling of the grave site.
A) Requirements:
1. A rigid container is required for all graves in New Park Cemetery.  A rigid container can be a burial chamber such as a crypt, a liner or vault for a grave made out of concrete or steel.. ( No wooden boxes may be used in the cemetery except for infant graves in our babyland section.)
2. The maximum size allowed of the outside measurement of any vault or liner used for burial can not exceed thirty-four inches wide and ninety inches long. If the size exceeds this measurement than it is considered oversized and two gravesites must be purchased for this service.
A) Requirements:
1. All interments and dis-interments made in New Park Cemetery shall be performed only by the employee’s of New Park Cemetery, Inc. or its authorized representative.
2. Prior to an interment or dis-interment service an interment card or a dis-interment form must be signed by a authorized representative of the deceased at least twenty-four hours in advance of interment or dis-interment.

3. A interment deed is required as proof of right of interment for any Pre-Paid burial service and must be presented to the office prior to service.


A) Cremation niches shall be governed by New Park Cemetery, Inc. rules & regulations with the following additions:

1) There shall be cremains of only one person per niche.

2) Cremains shall be sealed in an rigid urn container prior to placing in the niche.

3) A sealed urn shall be no larger than 10” x 10” x 10”.

4) Niches shall be opened and closed by Cemetery employees or its agents.

5) Placing or attaching items to any part of the niche is prohibited except for a porcelain portrait approved by the cemetery office.No floral arrangements, vases or other decorations may be placed on niche fronts.

6) Engraving of niches shall be done by the New Park Cemetery, Inc. or a designated approved third party.First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Birth Date & Death Date plus one optional line of lettering will be allowed.

1. No memorial, tree, plant, objects or embellishments of any kind shall be placed upon, altered or removed from any burial site without the written consent of New Park Cemetery, Inc.
  a) New Park Cemetery, Inc. has the right to remove items from gravesites as deemed necessary in order to maintain and operate its cemetery for general upkeep or services.
  b) Flowers are not considered permanent items of the gravesite and will be removed as New Park deems necessary for the upkeep and maintenance of the cemetery
2. If for any reason an interment space is unusable any other available site of equal size and value will be offered to the family.
3. Individuals or Firms who enter our grounds are subject to all rules and regulations of New Park Cemetery, Inc. as stated in Tenn. Code 46-3-102 and any other applicable laws that may apply and may be subject to penalties and/or civil action if found to be in violation of said rules.
4. New Park Cemetery, Inc. may modify these rules and regulations at any time without the written consent or notification to any or all individuals who own rights of interment within our cemetery grounds.